Another Testimony to the Role Nurses Play

In response to my latest blog Nurses I got the following email from a former student of mine who has had many challenges in his life. He has given me his permission to blog it.

“I saw your latest post about nurses and I couldn’t agree with you more. When I was in Boston at Dana Farber I was on 6A which was the bone marrow transplant floor and I had a few special nurses that definitely made a difference for me. They’re a special a breed of nurses as you said and they are definitely different from the general practitioner nurses at the local doc’s offices.

6A is a floor where they see a lot of people who don’t make it and I understand I almost didn’t make it a couple of times myself. It’s got to be very tough for them and I think sometimes they go under-appreciated even from the patients they care for. Although all the nurses on the floor were great there are 3 specifically that stand out for me personally and their names were Nori, Kim and Kim. Unfortunately only two of the three nurses were there one of the Kim’s was not there this visit.

Nori, Dan and Kim

Nori, Dan and Kim

I think there are patients who once they leave that floor never want to see it again because they only have bad memories from there. Personally I make it a point to stop by and see them every year and I enjoy going back there to visit. I think they get a lot out of seeing the fruits of their labor and appreciate it very much when patients return still alive and looking a little different from when they saw them last.

I’m on an annual visit schedule at Dana Faber now and I remember when I was there 2 years ago for my appointment none of my nurses were there. This of course was not good for my mental happiness and I was extremely disappointed but luckily when I went back there last month 2 out of the 3 were there, Nori and Kim. I’ll send you a picture so I can show them off.”

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