LBJs Make My Days

My sister, who lives in Bismarck, North Dakota, usually visits a couple times a year. She is the one that coined the term LBJs. LBJs, according to my sister, stands for Little Brown Jobs. A generic term she uses for almost any bird, but the ones that seem to fit her description the best are the sparrows that live around our house. I’ve talked before about the efforts we have made to encourage wildlife to frequent the area around our home. We spend a lot on bird food, but consider it an entertainment expense since we enjoy seeing the birds year-round. With the exception of the male cardinals and the blue jays most of the more colorful birds head south to avoid the cold temperatures and food shortages that accompany winter. A major exception to this rule is the sparrows.

We have placed a post with several feeding stations right outside the window in front of my computer. A number of times during the day the LBJs provide me with amusement and continuing respect for nature. I think there must be close to 30 or 40 living in the evergreen bushes which line the front of our home. If we open the door to go out they fly away and perch on the roof gutter, the peak of the roof or quite often the railing along the side of the ramp leading to our front door which explains the pile of guano underneath the railing. I so enjoyed them. If they become alarmed while perched the entire flock will dive into the evergreen bushes and disappear. While they are at the feeders, they fuss and squabble over positioning at the various stations. There are always some flying in and some flying out. What a joy to have such a simple pleasure in my everyday life. Rain or shine, summer or winter I look forward to seeing them every morning when I arrive at my computer.

2 responses to “LBJs Make My Days

  1. Jill and George

    So true. But what happened to all grosbeaks we used to have at our feeder in the winter? Now we never see them.

  2. This many LBJs seem to equal a LCUJ (Large Clean Up Job) for someone along your ramp. The birds are so fun to watch. We had feeders in our yard until we got our current cat, who loved the idea of bird feeders, which quickly became a cat feeder. Not our intention. And we found that our hummingbird feeders resulted in large European Hornets fighting with the hummingbirds for the nectar so that came down too. You and your birds have a active winter being fed mutually, they with seed and you with enjoyment.

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