Andy on a bike rideMy friend Andy Dahmen from Utah, who was just here a week ago, changed his profile picture on Facebook. His explanation is something everyone should read whether able-bodied or not. He said I can share it.

Thought I would update my profile picture. The one that I had on there was from when I joined Facebook. I used that picture because you could not see my wheelchair. I did not want to be defined by my disability. To be honest with you I don’t really see myself as that disabled and definitely not handicapped. Not to be too critical, but handicapped should be used for people that don’t take advantage of what they got. There are far more able bodied handicapped people, but let’s not let that definition get out because it would be harder to find good parking! So I am embracing my mod of mobility. This picture, taken by my buddy Joshua Hansen, kind of shows my metaphoric outlook on life; a nice smooth path curving ahead into a bright colorful future. And it looks warm, warm is important to me. I am looking back a little, we should not to look back too much but push forward!

I’m proud to call him my friend.
At Lake Ontario

2 responses to “Andy

  1. Rich, you have been blessed by Andy. Andy’s life has been made rich by knowing you. Having a close friend is an amazing gift from God.

  2. You both have such incredible attitudes! You are an inspiration to all!

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