Andy’s Coming

Andy Dahmen, my friend from Utah, who I met online a number of years ago, is coming to visit Tuesday August 5th. Andy, who also happens to be a C6 quadriplegic, is better able to travel than I am so he comes here. This will be the second time he has stayed with us.

My friendship with him is like no other. So much of our situation is understood without any communication. I can talk with him about things others cannot comprehend. Even with the very special friends I have, no one can perceive my struggles and challenges like Andy. With such similar philosophies, beliefs and attitudes toward life we could have easily been friends, even if we were never hurt, but adding the fact that we are both quadriplegics make our friendship even stronger.

Fishing on the St. Lawrence

Last summer, we met for the first time. What a great time we had fishing on the St. Lawrence River, visiting the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, N.Y., and the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, N.Y. This year we will fish again on the St. Lawrence, Andy calls it the highlight of his visit, go to the Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake, N.Y. and several other places. However, what I enjoyed most last year and look forward to this year is just hanging out and talking.

One response to “Andy’s Coming

  1. Enjoy your visit with Andy. There’s nothing more refreshing than being able to spend time with your compadre who is simpatico. Talking is easier, you feel validated, both of you prop the other up for another year, and it makes your wife happy to see you with a guy friend you can spill your guy guts onto. Really, it does. You all have a fun, daring and just good porch talking time.

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