A Unique Happening

A special occasion occurs, I believe, when two things a person really loves merge together. I love lacrosse, more specifically Syracuse University lacrosse. There are a number of reasons why I believe the game is unique. Players’ names are not on the back of their jersey reminding fans, it’s a team sport not individuals. When the players take off their helmet they look like young men not like they’re already playing in the National Football League. In terms of statistics, a player gets the same credit for assisting on a goal as the player gets who scores the goal. Players size is not a limiting factor as it is many other major sports. Many of the players also seem to be free spirits which I find interesting. The area where I live in northern New York supplies a disproportionate number of major college players and I’ve been fortunate enough to watch quite a few of them play in high school.

London, ON 2006 Mike Powell, my nurse's daughter Brook, Me, her son Devin and Ryan Powell

London, ON 2006 Mike Powell, my nurse’s daughter Brook, Me, her son Devin and Ryan Powell

My other loves music. I believe that there are many meaningful messages in songs that can be thought provoking, help us better understand situations and possibly lead to a better life. Several weeks ago, my lacrosse world and music world came together in a most unusual way. If you have any knowledge of lacrosse surely you have heard of and know the name Mike Powell. For those of you who have never heard of Mike Powell let me give you a brief biography. After graduating from Carthage High School, Carthage, New York he committed to play at Syracuse, following in the footsteps of his two older brothers Casey and Ryan. Mike was a first-team All-American each of the four years he was at Syracuse. The University won the Division I Championship 2 times while he was in school. He won the most coveted Tewaaraton Trophy twice; no other player has ever done that. From there he went on and played professional lacrosse for a number of years and 2006 with his two brothers played on the United States lacrosse team in the World Championship. Most lacrosse experts agree that Mike was one of the best to ever play the game.

Mike, who epitomizes the free spirit, left lacrosse to pursue a career in music. I didn’t pay much attention to his music career believing he probably played mostly contemporary music. Last week, after my son’s encouragement I went to listen to Mike on You Tube. Much to my surprise his music was kind of a combination of Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie. I was amazed not only in his playing ability, but also in the messages in the songs he wrote. One in particular called No Horizon I feel holds a message we could all benefit from hearing. The refrain goes:

When I was young my father told me son
No Horizons far away
The start and the end will soon begin to blend
Start living, life gets shorter every day.

One response to “A Unique Happening

  1. And he can sing! Thanks, Rich, for getting me starting on an hour of youtube watching and listening.

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