A Special Treat

On a bike trip summer before my accident

On a bike trip summer before my accident

I could feel the rear wheel of my bike sliding in the loose gravel as I turned off the dirt road onto a paved one. As I made the turn I noticed there was another biker about 30 yards behind me. I immediately made up my mind that they were not going to catch me so I shifted, increased my pedal cadence and leaned over the handlebars to get into a more aerodynamic position. I loved being in Virginia. For years I would come down, with friends, in the early spring to turkey hunt. Early on we camped and hunted in the Jefferson National Forest near Wytheville until an ice storm made it impossible to move through the woods. After that we were in an area around Lake Moomaw near the West Virginia border, but today I was biking. I felt like I had been out several hours enjoying the beautiful countryside and the small towns. The blooming flowers and historical landmarks made the ride especially gratifying. I came to a stop at a red light in a quaint town and struck up a conversation with the police officer who happened to be standing at the intersection. I told him how much I loved the state and how beautiful I thought it was. He told me of a small path a little further down the road that would take me along the ocean. I thanked him and took off turning right when I came upon the trailhead. Although the trail was narrow, probably designed for pedestrians, it was an incredibly beautiful ride with an amazing view of the rolling surf. In several spots I had to slow down because there was a thin stream of water flowing across the trail. However, most of the time I was able to pedal along and enjoy the day. Everything seemed perfect the weather, the vista, sounds and the workout. As I came around a corner I could see several people walking in front of me so I slowed down to stop and visit. It was right then that I woke up.

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  1. You were such a stud!

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