A Point of Qualification

The other day, while home alone, I dropped a bottle of diet Mountain Dew on the floor trying to get it out of the refrigerator door. Fortunately, it had a top on it; Marge sometimes removes them before she leaves. Many times I have dropped bottles and rarely have trouble picking them up. The Rope & Hook I normally use was unavailable so I got another one. Try as I might I could not get the hook around the neck of the bottle. After awhile I got frustrated and stopped. A lesson learned over time. Later, I tried again with the same result. I continued trying on and off for several hours but was still unable to retrieve the bottle off the floor. In time it dawned on me that the hook, though identical to the hook I usually use, must have had a smaller opening. I placed it in my vise and attempted to hit it with a hammer in an effort to widen the opening. Finally, I hit it enough to open the “mouth” of the S- hook. When I tried again it hooked the bottle neck right away.

This incident reminded me of a similar occurrence with the Casting Catch on my fishing pole. After buying a new pole a new casting catch was placed on the rod but it would not work. Over a period of a week or more all type of modifications were tried unsuccessfully. The length of the dowel was changed; the size of the slit was made wider, narrower, deeper and shallower to no avail. Even the knot in the fish line was changed and the catch was moved up and down on the pole. I even went so far as to take the catch off the original pole but nothing worked.

What was going on here? The answer was simple yet complicated. There are several lessons to be learned here. First, none of these adaptions work all the time and should not be expected to. Minor differences can be very significant when it comes to a “tool” functioning correctly. The problem with the casting catch was its location on the rod from the fishing reel and the angle of attachment. Only by refusing to give up were these problems finally realized. Another amazing thought is what would one do if these adaptions had not worked to begin with? Give up! I guess persistence has its own reward. There is a lot of food for thought in just these two conundrums.

One response to “A Point of Qualification

  1. Thank you for sharing with us insight into how your mind works, and goading us by showing how stubborn you are.

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