Let’s Talk About Frustration

Extreme 4×4

If you read my last blog you know last Saturday evening I missed the opportunity for a shot at a nice buck because my trigger mechanism didn’t work correctly. As soon as I could, I made adjustments to my rifle and the firing mechanism. After I tested the changes very carefully using snap caps I was ready to return hunting. Because of scheduling issues I wasn’t able to get out until Wednesday. It was a sunny, beautiful day with the temperature in the high 30s. The blind where I went allowed me to bask in the sun until late in the afternoon. I love watching the shadows crawl across the field and I never tire of being in this beautiful setting. Obviously, as the sun disappeared I began to get cold.

Because of my tremendous desire to return to the out of doors after my injury I purchased the wheelchair called an Extreme 4 x 4 which was originally manufactured in Australia but became available in the United States around 2001. I purchased mine late in 2002 and I’ve loved it ever since. It is a rugged, well-made piece of equipment. Companies are finally starting to realize not every individual who needs a wheelchair wants to be in a shopping mall. We are seeing more and more wheelchairs available for individuals who wish to travel on nontraditional terrain. Many of these new wheelchairs are even available in camouflage colors. Over the years I have fine-tuned mine so it is an extension of me and specialized for the things I wish to do.

As dusk settled in I realized that no deer were going to show up. Before total darkness had settled in Marge showed up to walk home with me. We headed out of the field onto a deserted farm road which connects to an abandoned town road that is occasionally used by the local highway department to dump stuff such as downed trees. All of a sudden, as we were moving along, my wheelchair came to an abrupt halt and gave off a burning electrical smell. Quickly, it became obvious that we were not going to be able to get the wheelchair running again. Recently, I had switched from using a walkie-talkie to communicate, while outdoors, to using a voice activated cell phone which is strapped on my wrist. I was able to call my neighbor Mike, who is one of my guardian angels, and he said he would be there as quickly as possible. Marge went home to meet Mike and to help him get any equipment he might need. Fortunately, I had placed a small but very bright flashlight on the post that supports my rifle so I didn’t have to sit there in the dark. But as dusk turned to night the temperature continued to drop. After about 30 to 40 minutes I could hear something driving toward me and could see a light bobbing and weaving across the field. The abandoned road that I was stuck on connects to a trail that leads across another very large field and ultimately to Mike’s driveway. Whatever it was that was coming to rescue me turned onto the road I was on and continued toward me. As it drew closer I realized it was Mike on a riding lawnmower. He had come to my rescue as he has many of times. After hooking me up he towed me about a half a mile to my house.

I called the manufacturer of the chair today, Innovation in Motion, to find out if parts were still available because they no longer make my model of the Extreme. They have a very similar chair I believe it’s called the X8 Extreme. Much to my relief they ensured me than any of the parts that will be needed for repair are available and will be shipped promptly. I sure hope so because hunting season goes until December 4.

2 responses to “Let’s Talk About Frustration

  1. Not a lawn mower, a DRY, a DICK RECOVERY VEHICLE!!!:):):)

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