Expect the Unexpected

Saturday around 2 o’clock Marge got me ready to go hunting. I went over on my neighbor’s land where I have hunted for a number of years now. While I was there I saw three flocks of wild turkeys and as dusk began to settle in a doe came out into the field about 60 yards away. The last two times I had been in this field I saw a doe and a fawn but all I could see right now was a doe. The doe fed toward me and I kept looking around for any signs of other deer. As dusk slowly settled in I kept watching the doe feed. At one point she lifted her head and it was a buck. The doe was still there and I have no idea how the buck got out into the field without me seeing him. Quickly, the doe jumped off closer to the hedgerow and the buck moved with her. They were to my left but were in a spot where I was unable to get a shot. I could, however, still see the buck and realized he had a pretty nice rack. He was probably a six or an eight pointer. Gradually, he began moving again and after a few minutes was standing about 20 yards away from me broadside. I had my shooting string in my mouth pushed off my safety and placed the crosshairs of my scope just a little behind his front legs. How long I had waited for this moment. I gradually move my head backwards and nothing happened. The gun did not fire. While he continued to stand there I checked that the safety was off and tried to fire again. Again nothing happened. Shortly, he became very alert and I was sure that Marge was nearby coming to get me for our walk home. Marge yelled to me because in the closing light she thought the dark spot in the field was me tipped over in the chair. I yelled back to her and the deer took off for the woods. From time to time I had been having problems with my clip pushing a round into the chamber. I assumed that there was no bullet in the chamber itself. However, I was wrong. As we look at the rifle it became obvious that the cable tie had slid so high on the trigger so that it was impossible for it to draw the trigger back to fire the gun. When we got home, a closer look confirmed that this is exactly what had happened. I’ve taken things apart and will make the necessary adjustments so it won’t happen again. Nothing ever goes smoothly. Tomorrow is another day.

Ready to fire using string adapter

One response to “Expect the Unexpected

  1. That’s a buck with luck!

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