Update on Why

Home on leave Fe 2012I am happy to provide some heartwarming news about my nurse’s son Devin. He is out of danger and after about four weeks is out of the hospital. He had a strep infection which had entered his blood stream. It took a while for the doctors’ to figure out what was wrong because he was not stable enough to run many tests. His blood platelet count was so low fellow sailors were donating blood for him. Since he was unable to eat a feeding tube was inserted. Breathing was difficult so he was intubated. With this illness finally under control Devin left the hospital 20 pounds lighter. He will be on convalescent leave for two weeks while he regains strength and weight and then is expected to return to active duty.

2 responses to “Update on Why

  1. Deborah Gregson

    I’m pleased to know that Devin is doing better. I hope that the medical staff can figure out where he got the infection so that others in his unit don’t get sick also. I’m glad they were finally able to find something to treat. He should know that he’ll be able to meet up with his team soon, but it’s important for him to be totally fit so he can be a strong link in their chain. Let Devin and his family know that we appreciate his service to our country and we’ll be praying for the safe return of him and his team from each of their deployments. We know the important work they are being sent to do on our behalf, and commend them for being ambassadors for us, a nation of free and generous individuals.

    Deborah Gregson

  2. Excellent news. I’ve shared this update with our groups as well.

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