The Odd Couple

I love the odd couple. It seems like they’re around all the time. Sometimes they can be a pain in the neck but most of the time they’re a source of entertainment and amusement. Regardless of everything, they are an ODD couple. She is older, blonde, about normal height and with a nice figure. He, on the other hand, is very young, extremely short, and is constantly standing on his tiptoes to look bigger. It’s obvious from their interaction that they are devoted to each other. They spend quite a bit of the day sleeping, but in between their naps they are constantly chasing each other around and playing. The games of tag are most amusing. She is quick as the wind, and he at top speed is still very slow. We never cease to get a kick out of hearing him run across the kitchen and computer room floors which have no carpeting. One will grab a toy and take off with the other in hot pursuit; often this will then turn into tug of war. The winner of the tug will then proceed to tease the other by parading around the house with the trophy in his or her mouth. She loves to get up on the bed because he is unable to do so; but it’s not for his lack of trying. He stands on his hind legs and jumps and jumps continuously getting knocked backwards onto the floor by the side of the mattress. Even though they nap much of the day they still sleep well at night. In the hot weather she sleeps under my wife’s bed, while he prefers to sleep on the bed. I’m sure you’ve figured out that the odd couple are our two dogs. The female, Foxy, we got from the County Dog Rescue Pound and is a mixed breed. The male, Bosco, is a Bassett Hound, and we got him from the SPCA about four months ago. My wife thought Foxy was getting depressed and needed companionship.

The Odd Coulpe Napping

Foxy can be a free spirit at times, and Bosco can be very stubborn. I love these characteristics and would never want to change them. The dogs are a constant source of amusement and love. Their daily routine keep us laughing and in an upbeat mood. Their love for us is unconditional. They flatter us with their attention and affection, and they bring much happiness and joy into our lives every minute of every day. When one of them sits on my lap, it makes me feel so very special and reminds me how wonderful it is to be alive.

Tug of War

While we are trying to teach this odd couple good “dog manners”, they have taught us a number of useful things: there is nothing wrong with being different, every day is a new day, unconditional love is wonderful, life is more enjoyable when you have someone to share it with, and it’s better to be happy and have fun than to be depressed and take lots of naps.

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