Putting Things In Perspective

I just finished a blog yesterday that has gone to my editor (my wife) before publishing, but now I feel guilty. How can I write about spring and the beauty of the natural world when so many of our brothers and sisters are struggling with the Mississippi River flooding and inundating their homes? Most of us with disabilities face daily frustrations that abled bodied people are totally unaware of. We can only imagine the additional burdens the floods are causing for individuals who are challenged. Whenever there are natural disasters everyone in the area is affected, but the demands must be compounded for members of the disabled community. We go on with our “normal” routine often not even thinking about what others are experiencing. Right now I am frustrated by my inability to get out because of the unusually heavy and constant rain we have been having in upstate New York. But I need to take a moment and put things in perspective. Imagine in addition to dealing with all your usual daily challenges, you were uprooted from your homes, perhaps permanently. Where would you go? What would you do? How would you survive? Over the twelve years of having my disability, my home has been modified to make my life easier and as uncomplicated as possible. Neighborhood friends are aware of my situation and keep an eye on me if I am alone. There are places I can go near my house to get some peace and quiet time. These things help provide me with quality of life. Think about being uprooted from this and going to who knows where and doing who knows what, wondering if things will ever be the same. At the very least we can keep these people in our thoughts and prayers and be thankful for what we have.

Mississippi River Flooding

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